ASECS Call for Executive Board Nominations

An announcement from ASECS:

Dear ASECS Members

The ASECS Nominating Committee solicits nominations for the positions of Second Vice-President and Member-at-Large of the ASECS Executive Board. ASECS exists entirely for and through its members, so we call on you to suggest names of ASECS members of diverse career paths who would be good leaders and responsible stewards of the Society. In considering candidates for the Board, the Nominating Committee seeks diversity, gender balance, and the inclusion of constituencies that are currently underrepresented both within and outside ASECS.

The Second Vice President is a member of the Executive Board and the Steering Committee of the Society and may take on other duties for the Executive Board, such as chairing or serving on ad hoc committees. The Second Vice-President will remain on the Board for four years, as Second Vice-President, First Vice-President, President, and Past President successively. As First Vice-President, she or he will serve on the Executive Board, the Steering Committee and the Finance Committee, and may take on other duties such as chairing ad hoc committees. As President, she or he presides at meetings of the Executive Board, convenes the Steering Committee, presides at the Society’s Annual Business Meeting, formulates policies and projects for presentation to the Executive Board, and normally serves as one of the society’s delegates to the ISECS Executive Committee.

Two Members-at-Large are elected each year to serve three-year terms on the Executive Board. They are expected to attend meetings of the Executive Board (held just prior to the annual meeting) and may be asked to serve on the Steering Committee, the Program Committee for the Annual Meeting, the Media and Publications Advisory Committee, the Committee on Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Accessibility, or an ad hoc committee.

Between scheduled meetings, the business of the Executive Board and the Steering Committee is conducted as necessary via email or conference call. Reasonable travel expenses to the Steering Committee and Executive Board meetings are covered by ASECS.

If you wish to nominate any ASECS members for these important positions, please forward a nominating statement to the committee chair, Sue Lanser ( Please include the candidate’s name, institutional affiliation, discipline, previous contributions to the Society, and a brief description of the strengths you believe the nominee could bring to the Executive Board. Self nominations are welcome. All nominations must be received by Tuesday, September 10, 2019. If you have any questions, please be in touch.

Sue Lanser, Chair
2019-20 Nominating Committee