"Deviant Thinking: Early Modern Philosophy and the Enlightenment" Conference Program Announced


François Boucher, French, Blond Odalisque, 1752, Oil on canvas, 23.2 x 28.7

15-17 November 2017
University of Sydney

Free and open to all.

Registration is now open.

What the Enlightenment stands for has been subject to much discussion in recent years, and many valuable contributions have been made that help us to understand better the significance of this period. This conference takes this discussion further by connecting up the Enlightenment with the early modern period and the “rebellious” ideas that were already formulated and passed around during this time. The papers of this conference bring into focus the many challenges philosophers of the 17th and 18th century posed to established intellectual, political, religious and social norms. These challenges touch on a diverse range of topics, spanning from fundamental questions concerning the status of the human being in the natural world, and the prospect of gaining knowledge of that world, to the redefinition of sentiment and affect as defining features of the moral potential of humanity. Reflections on the foundations of the state, self-governance and the rights of individuals and groups often followed on from these questions and thereby led to a novel engagement with the conditions that structure and shape human life.

SIHN’s Enlightenment Thinking Project will be hosting this conference, a central aim of which is to use the wider discussion of 17th- and 18th-century thought to launch a new series, the Australasian Seminar in Early Modern in Philosophy (ASEMP). Our speakers have backgrounds in philosophy, intellectual history, history and philosophy and science and art history and will address questions about the relevance of deviant thinking from a range of different methodological angels. In addition to encouraging interdisciplinary discourse, the conference seeks to support the work of early career researchers through our Young Scholar Panel and an accompanying mentoring programme on the third day.

The conference will take place in the Veterinarian Science Conference Centre.

The conference program has now been released and you can view that here. 

Registration is now open.  The conference is free and open to all.