Sydney Long Eighteenth Century Reading Group Program

All welcome.

All meetings are 3-5pm on Fridays, in the Rogers Room, John Woolley Building A20, The University of Sydney.

Readings are posted at:

Reminders will be posted here closer to each event:

  • 18 March – Olivia Murphy, ‘Samuel Richardson’s passionate heroines—reexamining emotion in the eighteenth-century novel’
  • 8 April – Jessica Hamel-Akré, ‘Getting Intimate with George Cheyne: Passions, Diets, and Self-Help in the Eighteenth Century’
  • 6 May – Amelia Dale, ‘Lessons in Feeling: Quixotic Mothering in Late Eighteenth-Century Women’s Writing’
  • 3 June – Katja Abramova, “The content and meaning of British botanical diplomacy 1770-1820”
  • 8 July – Shane Greentree, ‘”A Cultivated Mind”: Early Posthumous Writing on Mary Wollstonecraft’
  • 5 Aug – Emma Gleadhill, ‘Travelling Trifles: The Souvenirs of Late Eighteenth-Century Female British Tourists’
  • 2 Sept – Jessica Sun and Elias Greig, TBA
  • 7 Oct – Sara Crouch, TBA